• World market leader in robotics

    Vigo Drive gears ensure precision in more than 60% of all robots worldwide

  • Payload of up to nine tones

    High-performance drives for positioning systems

  • Quite, safe and clean

    Precision for health

  • Masterful and far-sighted engineering

    We develop gears for many different applications

Vigo Drive cycloidal gears

Powerful precision

Cam discs instead of gear wheels

Where fast and precise positioning with high payloads is required without backlash, Vigo Drive gears are in their element. Since the power transfer of the eccentric gears is achieved with rollers instead of gear wheels, the gears feature high efficiency, a long life and extremely low backlash.

The two-stage reduction principle minimises vibrations and mass inertia. Vigo Drive gears also feature:

  • a compact design
  • high rigidity
  • a low breakaway torque

The right Vigo Drive gear for every application

Precise speed reduction is required in many different machines, industries and applications. That’s why Vigo Drive is available in a large selection of solid shaft and hollow shaft versions.

Whether as an installation kit, with a main bearing or as a ready-to-install gear head for loads of up to nine tons – the extensive, full-range Vigo Drive series offer the optimal standard production gear for virtually every drive application, no matter how demanding.

High load capacity and long service life

Peak loads of up to five times the rated load torque, such as those that occur in “emergency shut-down” situations, are absorbed by the Vigo Drive gear. This guarantees safe and reliable operation and prevents down times or secondary failures.

The reason for this extremely high load capacity is the constant, virtually one hundred percent contact within the cycloid-bolt construction. The even distribution of forces within the Vigo Drive gears and the roller bearing support of all shafts ensure constant operating performance throughout the life of the gear.